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saab 9-3 replacement key Key Replacement

The loss of your car keys or misplacing them can be very frustrating. If you have an extra key, putting the new key to your vehicle is fairly inexpensive and simple.

You will need to remove your old key fob’s electronics and program it into your car using a saab 9-3 key replacement Technology 2 device. You’ll be charged for putting off this process.

Keys lost or stolen

It’s as simple as ever to copy the keys to your vehicle just like it was 20 years ago. The only difference is that modern keys include an electronic chip inside the keys. These chips provide a lot of protection against theft and key copying. However, this does not mean that you will never misplace your key.

If you do lose your keys, don’t panic! The first thing to do is check the places where you usually keep your keys. You may find them in your purse, jacket pocket or even lying on the ground next to your front door. If you’re unable to locate your keys, call locksmiths who will come to your vehicle to help you locate them.

A dealer is able to make you new car keys if all your keys are missing. This is expensive and may take several days to complete. Instead, we can reprogram your current computer’s EEPROM, Saab 9-3 replacement key and save you money.

03-11 SAAB 9-3 owners are aware that the ignition key is not very robust. They are often sticky and the buttons might be removed from time to time. If you’re only left with one ignition key that works it is best to create copies as quickly as possible to avoid problems.


Saab owners are advised to have a spare key on hand, because it’s easier to replace a stolen or lost one. If you lose just one key, it’s a different matter. It’s costly to buy another key and requires the dealer installing and programming the new TWICE Module (Column Integration Module on older vehicles) as well as a brand new OEM key (not purchased from Amazon or eBay).

If remote control keys are not locking or unlocking your car, there are a variety of possible reasons. The most common reason is a dead coin cell battery inside the key fob, but it could also be due to worn out buttons as well as water damage or receiver module issues.

If you’ve looked them up and the problem is still there then you may try to solve the issue yourself by changing the code in the key. This is done by changing (in reverse Hex) the number count to zero in the ECU. You’ll need to open the case of your key fob to do this. This can be done by removing your emergency key from the fob. You can then employ a flathead for removing the case from the fob and expose the battery. Be careful when doing this and do not pour or drop any liquids into the case as they could harm the electronic components inside.

Broken Keys

Losing your car keys or lost is a difficult experience, especially if don’t have a spare. It is possible to minimize the hassle when you get your replacement keys made in Bishopthorpe by an experienced locksmith. Whether you are in the middle of nowhere or just a few miles away we can provide you with a new set of electronic chip keys in a short time.

Since 1995 since 1995, every saab 9-3 replacement key (writes in the official 38 Ernorvious blog) is required to have a vehicle immobilizer. This makes it almost impossible to steal a vehicle without a key. A transponder is required to be incorporated into the key to start the car as well as unlock doors. The key also needs a transmitter/transponder chip that needs to be matched with the car’s computer module in order to work. This is something that is only possible at a dealer, using the specially designed tool called Tech-2 Tech-2 or a similar kind of software.

If your key has been damaged in your ignition or lock, it is crucial that you don’t attempt to get it out it by yourself, as it could cause damage to the lock and cause additional problems. When you try to force a broken lock or key out, it typically breaks the steel blade of the key or the lock mechanism. This can become much more expensive than having a key replacement done by a licensed locksmith.


Saab owners who purchased their saab key fob from 1994 and onwards are advised to have two working keys for their vehicle. Replacing a single key is expensive and complex. The dealer must replace both the CIM (Column Integration module) or TWICE, based on the model. They will also need to program the key to work with the new module. Keys purchased from aftermarket sellers are usually not properly initialized and will fail to properly program when you need them.

It is not unusual for the battery in a key fob to wear out after a couple of years of use, particularly when it is frequently used to lock and unlock the car. The replacement of the battery on all saab 9-3 replacement key (writes in the official 38 Ernorvious blog) 9-3 models is straightforward and doesn’t require any special tools.

A mobile saab key fob Locksmith can do this service for 75% less money than the dealer would charge. A locksmith will not have to replace the computer in the car either and can usually re-program your existing EEPROM to accept the new key. This saves a lot of cost since a new car computer could be quite expensive. This is why it’s logical to call a mobile SAAB locksmith anytime you require the replacement of a key fob for your vehicle.

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