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Colon Cancer Caused by Union pacific Railroad lawsuit ( Work

railroad class action lawsuit workers are exposed hazardous chemicals on a regular basis. It has been proven to cause various types of cancer and other serious conditions.

For instance asbestos and diesel exhaust have been associated with colon cancer. It’s also been confirmed that exposure to certain solvents, metal-working fluids and pesticides can increase colon cancer risk.


When they are loading or unloading chemicals cleaning up spills breathing diesel exhaust or using various solvents, railroad workers are exposed hazardous substances while working. Many of these carcinogens can be linked to cancer or other chronic health issues. Federal Employers Liability (FELA) provides the railroad workers with cancer or chronic illnesses.

A widow of a railroad employee who retired claimed that her husband passed away from stomach cancer caused by asbestos due to his employment with CSX Transportation Inc.

Another FELA claim concerns railroad workers who were exposed to creosote, coal dust and other harmful agents on the job. These chemicals can cause leukemia, blood cancers, union pacific Railroad lawsuit as well as lung disease.

Benzene, a poisonous chemical, is found in a variety of products used by the railroad. This includes fuel and solvents. Studies have linked benzene with multiple cancers, such as colon cancer. A lawyer who specializes in railroad cancers can determine if the illness you’re suffering from was triggered through exposure to toxic chemicals while working and submit a claim on your behalf. Federal law restricts the time it takes to file a claim, so it is crucial to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later.


Railroad workers are exposed to various toxic chemicals and fumes on the job. Welding fumes, asbestos, diesel exhaust, and weed killers such as Imazethapyr and dicamba may all cause cancer of the colon. Railroad workers who have been diagnosed with an illness related to their job could be entitled to compensation through an action under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

An experienced attorney for railroad injuries can assist you in pursuing this claim. FELA which was passed in 1908 requires railroads to pay for injuries sustained on the job. This could include cancer diagnosis as well as other injuries.

A widow in Illinois sued CSX Transportation Inc. at the end of 2016, alleging the company did not take the necessary safety measures to protect her husband’s stomach cancer, which later metastasized into colon cancer. The plaintiff, Ruth Frieson, claims that her husband’s exposure to asbestos and toxins resulting from his work with CSX caused the cancer and his death. The jury heard the testimony of two doctors in rehabilitative medical therapy, industrial hygienists and the plaintiff’s wife and also his medical oncologist. They all claimed that asbestos, diesel exhaust and a lifetime smoking contributed to his cancer. The jury came to with a verdict in favor of the defendant railroad, after only a little more than three hours.


It is crucial to seek legal assistance as soon as possible should you be diagnosed with colon carcinoma because of your job at a railroad. Under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), injured railroad workers have three years from their diagnosis to bring a lawsuit.

A lawsuit against a railroad can be complicated based on the manner in which you were diagnosed with cancer. In certain instances it isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact moment of exposure to toxic substances because many chemicals have a long-lasting half-life.

The jury will consider several factors in determining the amount of compensation you can receive in the event of an injury. Loss of income, medical costs and the pain and suffering are all factors that the jury will take into consideration. If your loved one has died because of their injuries, you may also be legally entitled to damages for their death.

In a recent case, an ex-railroad worker claimed that he contracted cancer because of his constant exposure on job to diesel exhaust, asbestos, and other toxic chemicals. The railroads did not comply with FELA safety regulations. The court, however, that the plaintiff had not conducted an “reasonably thorough” search for information about his illness. The jury ruled that he didn’t have enough evidence to support his claim.


Railroad workers and people living close to railyards may be exposed to carcinogenic and toxic chemicals like asbestos and diesel exhaust. If you’ve been diagnosed with illnesses related to this exposure our Houston railroad exposure lawyer can help you receive compensation. You may also be entitled to compensation to pay expenses for lost wages and caregiving. You may also be entitled to damages for emotional distress as well as pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment your life.

Our firm recently won an appeal verdict on behalf of a class action lawsuit against railroads 1 railroad client in the context of a Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) case. The plaintiff claimed that he contracted kidney cancer and Hodgkin lymphoma because of his exposure to toxic substances like creosote and diesel exhaust when working as an engineer for locomotive engines. The jury returned a defense verdict after being deliberating for less that one hour.

In a separate FELA case our lawyers obtained a summary judgment for the defendant wasatch railroad contractors lawsuit in a suit filed by a former freight train conductor. The lawsuit claimed that he contracted lung cancer as a result of his railroad job and was caused by exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances. We claimed that the claim was not barred by an earlier release agreement that was signed in connection with the settlement of a prior asbestos case.

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