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Best Wireless Headphones For iPhone

A good pair of headphones is essential for an iPhone. Wireless earbuds are now the norm for smartphones that do not have audio connectors.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) come with enhanced ANC, IPX4 ratings and intuitive touch controls. They are excellent for making calls and come with an included case.

1. Encased Thore Headphones V200

If you’re looking for headphones that have a Lightning connection and an iPhone port, you might be interested in the Thore Encased V200 headphones wireless. These headphones offer a nice listening experience for a cheap cost. These headphones running are simple to fold and carry unlike other headphones. The headphones also have a soft, cushioned headband that’s perfect for long listening sessions. The headphones also come with a cover that protects them when not being used.

These headphones are elegant with black and chrome accents giving them a contemporary sleek and stylish design. These headphones are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. The ear cups with a closed back block out some background noise, but are not as effective as a pair or noise-canceling headsets. The left ear cup has an aux port that can be used to plug in other audio devices. On the right earcup, you’ll see controls for power, volume, and an MicroUSB charging port. We like that these headphones bluetooth, check out this one from, have the Lightning connector however we’re disappointed that they don’t have USB-C support.

The headphones are specifically designed for DJs and other music professionals and are built with high-quality components that will provide a great listening experience. The headphones feature Neodymium drivers that provide strong, precise audio. You can hear all frequencies of your favourite music with these headphones. They have a large, diaphragm which provides excellent bass response.

The Thore V200 headphones come with many of the same features as Apple’s AirPods which include a small, compact case that’s easy to fit in your bag. The headphones review come with built-in microphones for taking calls so you can stay in touch with your friends. They also have an Lightning connector that can be connected to your smartphone or iPad and comes with an adapter to use them with older devices. The headphones boast a remarkable battery life of up to 40 hours. You can enjoy your favorite tunes for a long time before you have to recharge them.

2. Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones

Sony’s WH1000XM5 headphones provide an update to the WH1000XM5’s flagship over-ears which were released in 2017. This new pair takes an uncluttered look with a slim and sleek headband, a circular ear cups, and a polished metal finish. These are seriously lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The new model features the same outstanding noise cancellation, but with four beamforming microphones that allow hands-free calls. One obvious improvement is location awareness, which adjusts ambient sound control settings depending on the location you’re in. If you’re at home, they might switch to a lower noise cancelling level than when you’re on the train to work. They can also play more outdoor audio so that you’re aware of the surroundings while walking around town.

Multipoint is another feature that allows you to connect headphones to two devices at once. This is a great feature for those who would like to listen to music on your laptop while taking calls at the same time. Multipoint isn’t turned on from the beginning however it’s simple enough to turn on within the Headphones Connect app’s System tab. There’s a downside to this however: when you turn on multipoint, you lose the ability to use the high-quality Bluetooth codec LDAC.

As with the previous WH-1000XM4s the Sony WH-1000XM5’s touchscreen controls let you control the playback of music and make calls from your phone. You can swipe forwards and backwards on the touchpad to skip tracks, or backwards to play and pause. The right earcup has physical buttons for power and volume.

If you own an iPhone and an iPhone, you can customize the headphones with Siri commands, and gain access to other features like a personal assistant, sleep timer and battery meter. Sony has also introduced voice commands that will direct you through all the functions of the headphones. However, I found them to be a bit chatty for a lot of users.

The WH-1000XM5s’ battery lifespan of 30 hours with noise cancellation on is similar to the previous generation, while 40 hours without it is just shy of what competitors are offering. The headphones come with a soft carry bag that protects the headphones from dust, scratches and impact.

3. Shure Aonic 3 In-Ear Headphones

For professional-grade monitor earphones go, Shure has long been a reputable name in the audio field. The Aonic 3 is no exception. These compact, small headphones offer excellent sound quality. They are simple to pair with a smartphone, or music player. The earbuds have one balanced driver that produces a large soundstage. They offer excellent noise isolation, allowing you to concentrate on the music. They aren’t as big, but still fit most users well and are comfortable for long periods of time.

The Aonic 3’s most notable difference from their brethren is their unique design. They’re designed to be a modular product that can be connected to wireless adapters (sold separately). You can switch between the cable and wireless connection as your listening needs change. This flexibility is a welcome addition to an already great pair of headphones.

Another notable feature is the Aonic’s excellent equalizer. Contrary to other earphones which only have preset equalizer settings, Shure has included a manual 4-band Headphones Bluetooth equalization panel. It displays detailed data on frequency of gain, bandwidth and frequency for the high shelf and low shelf bands, as well as two parametric bands. This allows audio professionals to fine tune their audio before saving their own custom-made presets. The earphones of the Aonic 3 are connected to each other via downward-facing MMCX connectors. They can rotate 360 degrees and accommodate a variety of ear tips, ensuring an appropriate, secure fit for the majority of users. They also connect to one another with an extremely secure snap.

Inside the box, you’ll find Aonic 3s wired 3.5mm communication cable, as well as an carrying case. The cable has the ability to control playback and volume, as well as a microphone to make calls hands-free. The kit includes multiple sizes and sleeves that you can customize your Aonic 3. This kit includes black foam sleeves and gray soft flex sleeves in various sizes, from small to large.

4. Sony WF-C500 Wireless Earbuds

The Sony WF-C500 Wireless earbuds are a great option for anyone looking to try wireless headphones without spending a lot of money. These earbuds feature a small charging case, great audio quality, and an elegant design that makes them easy to pair with a smartphone. They do not have the essential features required for a wireless pair like active sound cancellation and transparency mode.

The earbuds are made from matte plastic. They have a slightly bulky design that funnels downwards to drivers and are topped off with silicone tips. The earbuds are also IPX4-rated for water resistance, making them suitable for cycling or running. They’re not as lightweight as the other alternatives on our list however they’re small enough to fit in the pocket of a shirt and are comfortable to wear for long-term wear.

The Sony Headphones Connect App, that is compatible with aptX/AAC, allows you to control the headphones bluetooth headphones, check out this one from,. This is where you can adjust the EQ settings, set the priority for Bluetooth connection quality (between the audio quality and latency) Let the ear scanner function take pictures of each ear to allow for personalization of the fit, and enable Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine to enhance lower-resolution music files. You can also modify the firmware and monitor the use of your earbuds over time.

A simple, intuitive control scheme is used to navigate the earbuds. One tap on the left-hand earbud will increase the volume. Two taps will allow you to advance or reverse the music. Three presses will trigger your smartphone’s voice assistance. Although they don’t come with an active noise-canceling system however, they can block out ambient noises thanks to a sturdy in-ear seal.

The earbuds can play for a period of up to 20 hours, which is good for true wireless earbuds. The earbuds can be charged in just four hours from empty and are compatible with Sony Fast Fuel charging technology. The earbuds are also an ultra-lightweight design that makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The charging case is small enough to fit into the pockets of a coat.

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