We’re an organic, fresh and local healthy cold pressed juice and smoothie bar in Peachtree City, GA – we pride ourselves in making YOU feel wholly awesome! We deliver organic, raw, and superfood smoothies & bowls and ready-to-sip cold-pressed juices. We specialize in making CLEANSES that will totally transform your body and make you feel your best, We deliver with smile and with no questions asked straight to your door in Atlanta and anywhere. We care about your health and we are obsessed over every details – the kind of details that guarantee top quality, flavorsome and delicious drinks. We want to be your partner in your journey towards becoming your healthy self! Visit us today at latonique.com, Just a click away! Latonique Juicery delivers cold pressed juice, smoothie and cleanse in and around Atlanta and Peachtree City, Georgia.

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Juice made on a cold-pressed juicer retains nutrients longer without the use of any preservatives and can last from 3-5 days, while juice made on a traditional centrifugal juicer starts breaking down
immediately and should be consumed within 1 hour of juicing. Because of this breakdown process, cold-pressed juice remains smoother and maintains taste longer, while juice from a traditional centrifugal juicer starts to separate quickly, resulting in inconsistent taste and texture.


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Cold pressed

We reduce waste of expensive organics and utilize gentle pressing extractions that minimize friction eliminating heat, which means that you can feel unaltered tastes from our product. It also provides the body with a large bio-available volume of the freshest organic fruits and veggies