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Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) is a UK-based scheme for personal trainers and fitness instructors. It recognises industry-based qualifications and also provides insurance for public liability, and requires members to adhere to an industry-specific code of conduct.

In 2020, the organization was disbanded and its members migrated over to CIMSPA. What do this mean for fitness professionals?

How do I become an REP?

If you are a member of Prospect already, speak to the representative who runs your branch about becoming a avon rep near me. It depends on how much time you have and if you can perform union duties during your working hours. You cannot be disciplined because you are a union representative and there are laws to protect you from being victimized. Some branches have equality reps, for example women’s officers or black members’ representative.

What is CIMSPA?

CIMSPA the UK-based professional body for fitness and health professionals is a reputable industry body that regulates trainers. Its goal is to protect the public’s interests when using fitness experts by ensuring that they have all the necessary abilities and technical expertise, as well as training and insurance. It also has the responsibility to develop and maintain standards of excellence for the fitness industry.

The organization combines input from a variety of stakeholders that include employers deployers, NGBs, awarding organizations, higher education institutions, training providers and practitioners to develop the sector and assist its workforce and professionals. This is achieved by working in collaboration with the industry to understand and identify the professional needs and the obstacles that hinder the ability of the sector to meet these needs.

As part of this mission CIMSPA offers the basis for an assurance system of quality for the fitness industry by means of an endorsement process. This process recognizes the quality and content of formal qualifications and training courses. CIMSPA will usually endorse controlled (Ofqual) qualifications that have been certified by an approved awarding organization like Focus Awards or Active IQ, as well as certain kinds of continuing professional development (CPD) training.

Membership in CIMSPA also confers the status of a member within the industry. Members can avail special insurance options, such as public liability coverage of up to PS10m and personal injury coverage. Members can also keep track of their professional development. They can also take online courses for free and have access to a career website that is updated frequently with new job openings.

The body is also a member of the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), which means that its members are able to use their registration to work in other countries in the event that they are qualified to do so. The organisation is working hard to ensure that a consistent standard is established across the world in order to help the industry grow and keep its name in the game.

The CIMSPA Academy is a non-profit and works in partnership with other organizations to provide support, education and guidance. In addition CIMSPA Academy CIMSPA Academy offers free e-learning courses for its members, including various professional development topics that are relevant to the industry.

Are REPs qualifications recognized internationally?

The Register of Exercise Professionals was an independent public registry, which operated via an membership system. It was established to safeguard the public and give employers and fitness professionals the assurance they needed that an individual had qualifications that were recognized and approved and aligned with National Occupational Standards.

REPs is a UK-based register, and as such only covers the UK fitness industry. Having REPs was not a legal requirement however it gave clients confidence that the fitness professional they were working with was fully qualified and operating to the highest standards of professionalism.

In 2020, sell REPs will be sold to UK Coaching. An agreement with CIMSPA has been reached to combine the REPs Directory with the CIMSPA directory. Fitness professionals still have the option of joining both REPs and CIMSPA, but renewal of REPs membership is no longer possible.

While REPs no longer operates in the UK however, they maintain a global presence through ICREPs which connects international registers and their fitness professionals. If you’re a REPs registered personal trainer in the UK and you are a REPs registered personal trainer, you can work as a personal training in other ICREPs countries such as Australia. Ireland, Poland, South Africa, and UAE.

However it is crucial to remember that REPs is not an assurance of employment or representative insurance coverage for fitness professionals. REPs is an industry association, and not a governing authority is a voluntary organization. Top international certification bodies such as ACSM, NSCA, ISSA, NASM, and ACE are not associated with REPs and, therefore, will never offer employment or insurance coverage to their fitness professionals.

REPs is dedicated to keeping their members abreast of the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry. This is the reason REPs has a REPs points system which requires members to earn a an amount of REPs points each year to maintain their REPs status. These REPs points are determined by their level of qualification and the number of CPD courses they take.

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