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Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplaces that are mounted on the wall are not chimney-less, like traditional fireplaces. They are easy to install and typically have heaters that can be turned off or on when required.

Featuring five flame settings including two heat settings as well as a choice of logs or crystals for the ember bed The R.W. Flame is a great choice at a reasonable price.


Size is a major factor when it comes to selecting a wall-mounted electric fireplace. The best size is the one that is able to fit within the space you wish to put it in without being too big or small. There are a variety of sizes available in wall-mounted fireplaces. From the sleek and slim Napoleon Allure Vertical Series, to the more large Dimplex Sierra. Certain models can be recessed into the wall, giving an appearance that is more discreet. Each model is made to be a perfect fit for any style of decor regardless of the size.

Another aspect to consider is how deep you would like your fireplace to be. Many wall-mounted electric wall mounted fireplaces – marvelvsdc.Faith, fireplaces project only 4″ to 6.5″ into the room, and this could be a benefit for people who rent. These units can be removed once you move, and then easily relocated to the next location, or they can simply be moved on the wall mount fireplace. The more you dig into the wall mounted electric fireplace, then the harder it is to remove an electric fireplace and reinstall it.

Most electric fireplaces that are wall-mounted come with all the elements required for installation, including mounting hardware and a full-size remote control. Some models even include additional features, including bluetooth syncing and customizable LED flames and ember bed display lighting. These are excellent alternatives for those who wish to modify their office, home or commercial space.

Installing a wall-mounted fireplace is easy. You can make it yourself or hire a professional to do it. The majority of manufacturers offer detailed instructions and the process is quite simple. Just be sure to use a level to make sure that the unit is installed properly and you’ll need a helper to help you lift and place the fireplace when it’s time.

If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect size for your home, it’s always a good idea to visit a showroom like Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors in Toronto and try out various designs before making a purchase. A knowledgeable consultant can assist you in choosing the best size for your home and decide whether you want a surface-mounted or recessed electric fireplace.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces create flames that look very real. The LED lights aren’t real, but they mimic the appearance of an actual fire. These LED lights are an alternative to traditional fireplaces, as they don’t emit harmful gases or smoke. They also do not require a flue or chimney.

The heat produced by a wall-mounted electric heater can also be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Many units produce about 1500W, which is sufficient to heat the room. This is a lot less than the heat generated by traditional fireplaces, but it may still suffice to stay cozy and comfortable.

When choosing a wall-mounted electric fireplace it is important to compare the model’s BTU and wattage capacities. This will give you the best idea about how much heat it can produce and help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your home.

Think about the different colors of flame available for each model. You can pick from a wide range of flame colors and LED light colors for many electric fireplaces. This lets you customize your fireplace to match your personal style and décor.

Ambiance CLX 2 is one of the most popular electric fireplaces that are mounted on walls. This model is a great choice for those looking to add a fashionable modern look to their home. It is available in a variety of surround options such as stainless steel and flat black metal. It can be completely or partially recessed into a 2×6 framed wall, and it comes with an edging skirt that smooths out the protrusion. This model is among the most efficient heating units in terms of efficiency. It can generate up to 5 1,000 BTU/h. This is enough to warm 400-450 square feet of space.


There are several different heating options for wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Some electric fireplaces are designed to provide additional heat while others provide substantial heating for the room. The more powerful models can generate up to 5,000 BTUs per hour. This is enough to heat the smallest or medium-sized space comfortably.

You can determine the heating power of the model by studying its specifications. On their websites as well as online most manufacturers of electric fireplaces provide detailed information about the power of their heaters. It’s also a good idea to measure precisely the area where you intend on installing the fireplace to ensure that it will fit properly.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a wall-mounted electric fireplace is its appearance. Many of these units are very stylish and can be used in various rooms. These units are also less expensive to run than traditional fireplaces with wood burning, and they can be used without the need to cut holes in your walls or run gas lines through them.

Amantii Dimplex and Napoleon are among the best brands for wall mounted electric fire places. Each of these companies offers an array of styles and features to choose from. Amantii is one of them. It produces a number of different designs and styles, including some of the largest electric wall hanging fireplaces available on the market. They are great for commercial spaces such as hotels, shopping malls and restaurants. They can be customized with a variety of different flame, ember bed and sidelight color options.

Dimplex was a pioneer in the field of electric fireplaces and is the main source for many of the designs that have become increasingly popular today. Their Winslow wall-mounted linear fireplace is a great illustration of how creative and long lasting a quality electric fireplace can be. It has a modern, contemporary appearance and offers an unique viewing experience allowing the user to customize the LED lighting and ember bed to match their decor.


Like any other home appliance, certain safety rules are required when operating a wall-mounted electric fireplace bioethanol. This includes a proper installation regular inspection and maintenance and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

As a general rule it is best to keep the space around an electric wall fireplace free of combustible items like wood, fabric paper, aerosols, and curtains. It is best to keep the unit at an interval of 1.5 feet or more away from any surfaces or walls which could be potentially flammable. This is especially crucial in areas where there could be children using the fireplace. Inadvertent contact with hot surfaces may result in burns.

The heat produced is another aspect to be taken into consideration when using a wall-mounted electric fire. Although they are quick to heat up, it is crucial to allow enough time for the heaters to reach optimal heating levels in the room. Typically, the amount of time needed for this will depend on the size of the room and the insulation levels.

In addition, it’s recommended to utilize the built-in feature to protect against overheat. This feature will automatically shut off the fireplace if it detects an excessive amount of heat, thereby avoiding fire hazards.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a great alternative if you’re looking to bring warmth and comfort to your house or create a cozy atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs that will match your decor. They are also eco-friendly, as they don’t use fuel sources such as wood or gas. Additionally, they are easy to set up and can be installed in a variety of areas without any structural modifications. Make sure to hire an electrician who is certified for any electrical work, and ensure you follow all safety precautions.

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