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Free Standing Electric Fireplaces

With a model that is freestanding, you won’t need to cut holes in your walls. Mounting brackets are typically included in the package, and the specifications will inform you how far apart to space them.

In addition to offering four different heat settings, this CSA-certified fireplace has a cool-to-the-touch exterior and a spacious top that can be used for display. It also has an overheat safety and an automatic shut-off.


Electric fireplaces that can be mounted to the wall are perfect for those who don’t want cut into their walls or Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted frame an opening. These fireplaces come with mounting brackets that allow you to mount the fireplace directly onto a wall just like a flat-screen television or picture. They can be installed yourself, however you may need a second pair if the fireplace is big. These fireplaces are also ideal for those who rent their home, as they are easily removed when it’s time for you to move. They don’t even leave a hole on the wall fireplace.

Most electric fireplaces for wall mounting can be placed into a wall recess so that they’re completely flush with the wall for an elegant appearance or to incorporate them into the recession to add depth. Some models, like the Napoleon Allure Vertical Series come with a trim skirt to cover the protrusion of the firebox. You can also alter the appearance of these units by choosing different flame and LED background colors to fit the space you have.

The biggest drawback to a wall-mounted free standing electric fireplace is that it occupies floor space, and because there is no option of putting it in the wall, they tend to stick out a bit further than an ordinary freestanding electric fireplace model with a mantel. This is a minor drawback and should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best type of fireplace for you.

Another upside of a wall mounted fireplaces-mounted electric fire place is that you can mount it in any room inside of your home. This means that you can add a little of ambience to your living space while also creating an excellent focal point and an inviting space for family and friends to gather. You can also place one in your office or bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere while you work or relax.


A lot of these electric fireplaces come with an attractive mantel that resembles a traditional fireplace with wood burning. They’re a great option for those who prefer the look of a built-in fireplace but don’t have an architectural change to their house or want the high cost of installing one. They are also suitable for pets and children, as they do not emit smoke or flames that could be dangerous.

Some electric fireplaces with mantels are able to be used with or without heating, allowing you to enjoy the flame effects all year round. If you decide to utilize them with heat, it’s common for these models to have a setting that lets you regulate the amount of heat produced by the firebox. You can usually adjust this using an remote control, Alexa, or a smartphone app. Some of the highest-quality electric fireplaces have an option that detects when you’re in the room and automatically turn the fireplace on or off.

Electric fireplaces are available in a variety of styles, from traditional and rustic to modern and simple. You’re sure find one that matches your interior design. Some are designed with a TV stand in mind, so you can mount your flat-screen television on top of it. If you decide to go with this kind of fireplace, it is ideal to select one that is close to or smaller than the height of your TV.

If you want to create a distinctive look, consider going with an electric fireplace that can be seen through. This is the only kind of electric fireplace wall Mounted ( fireplace available that allows you to see through it into another room. It’s a great choice for dividing rooms within your home or when you want to make the fireplace be the center of your living space.

These electric fireplaces come in various finishes, including white or whiskey maple. Some models come with an optional built-in shelf you can use to display books, vases or other items of decor. Some models also come with an automatic timer that can be set to shut down the unit after six hours.


You can convert the wood-burning fireplace you don’t use into an electric fireplace on wall. Electric fireplace inserts that look like a fireplace can be plugged in to the existing firebox and instantly transform it into an electric one. We tested a model which looks like a log grates and has built-in lights that create an appearance similar to a flame on your existing walls. It also features a heater that provides instant heating for the room. The remote that comes with the unit allows you to control all settings, including flame height, intensity, ember bed lighting and heat.

Unlike wall-mounted units and freestanding electric fireplaces, these freestanding electric fireplaces are portable and do not require any permanent installation or mounting brackets. They can be moved to any location within your home and utilized with or without a built-in heater. They also have a stand that can hold flat-screen TVs and are designed to blend in with your decor. These are an excellent option for those who don’t want to make a permanent change to their living rooms or don’t have the space in their homes to install a mantel or recessed unit.

These are also good for apartments because they can be moved in the event that you move. Some have a more contemporary, less traditional appearance than a freestanding mantel style, but they can still add a lot of ambiance to any room. They are also simpler to use than a wall mounted unit since you only need to plug the unit in and it will start working.

Another benefit of a cabinet-style electric fireplace is that it’s simple to find one that matches the color scheme of your home. There are also options that are matched to the hues of your walls and floors to ensure that you don’t need to paint them over. Whatever type of fireplace you select be sure to select one that’s easy to operate and is safe for kids and pets. It should be easy to clean using a damp rag.


As the name implies Freestanding electric fireplaces can be placed in any room. Some electric fireplaces feature a base to improve their appearance, whereas others sit on a flat surface.

The latter, Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted such as the Costway 20-Inch Freestanding electric fireplace freestanding Fireplace is one of our top picks. It has a sleek, rounded design that received high marks in testing for its attractive design. It is also fully functional straight out of the box, without assembly required. It comes with low and high temperatures as well as an adjustable timer that you can set using the hidden control panel.

In our tests, the flames were very real and the logs exhibited a real-fire glow. The model is also notable for its easy controls and easy operation: an energy switch, a heater control, and a temperature dial. This dial is helpful because it allows you to select your preferred setting, without having to mess around with the controls.

Another great aspect of this freestanding model is its ability to operate without the heating function. We discovered that the flames could produce beautiful light even when the heater was turned off. You can take pleasure in the warm and cozy appearance at any time.

This model does not offer the same degree of warmth as our other models. This is due to it using convection rather than radiant heating. However we were able to feel the warmth up to 4.5 feet away. The temperature settings of this unit can be adjusted using the remote control, and it has four different flame effects that you can choose from. In terms of safety, this model has overheat protection and stays cool to the top of its surface which means you can put decorations on it. It is also CSA Group certified and has a sturdy construction that has stood up to the abuse of our test subjects. This makes it a cost-effective and secure option for those looking to build a freestanding fireplace in their home.

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