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Why Buy a high sleeper with stairs ( Sleeper With Desk?

Add a high-sleeper that has a desk to the room of your child to create the perfect study space. Many designs include an adjustable desk that can be pulled out as well as plenty of storage for their schoolwork, stationery and a myriad of art supplies.

The ECO Dream high-sleeper by Parisot allows working from home easy with its wide desk, sliding-door single wardrobe and a modular storage unit in one! It has a safety-conscious ladder.

Here are a few examples of

High-sleepers are a great way to free up space in a bedroom without it feeling cluttered. They can be outfitted with an office, storage space, or even a sofa to give your child an area to relax or study. They are also a great choice for those who like to host sleepovers, as you can transform the seating area into a second bed for their friends.

Most often, children use the area under their beds for studying, but it can be used as a social area with the addition of a sofa or bean bags. It can be used as a game space with a television or games console. If your child is an artistic kind of person, then the Pedro High Sleeper Loft Bed and Desk could be the perfect choice for them as it has a large desk that encourages drawing or high sleeper with Stairs studying as well as a shelf above to keep books and stationery close at hand.

Some people who sleep well don’t have a desk built in and instead, they leave space under the bed for your child’s personal setup. It could be a social den with furniture or a gaming space complete with a beanbag and fairy lights. Other designs might include a bed for a chair or a trundle bed for sleepovers that can be pulled out from under the bed and is easily stored when not in use, like the Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper.

Other models that are high-sleeper have a built-in desk that can be pushed and hidden when not being used or raised when a child is looking for a space to study. This is a great choice for older kids who need an area in their bedroom to complete work or engage in interests that require them to be seated and focused.

Some beds, like the Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed have a complete length bookcase that sits alongside the top bunk for all your child’s favourite books. This is a great choice for those who love reading or who love design and fashion. It makes the room feel warm and inviting.


Children require a space to work in and finish their assignments, and a high sleeper with a desk is the ideal solution. The Trasman Tarragona is a chic solution that’s more than just a bed. It features a full-length desk and plenty shelves to keep them organized. Add a comfy chair and a lamp and you’ll have a fantastic desk that can be used for many years to be.

A high-sleeper is an excellent choice for kids who have outgrown their toddler bed because it offers the same sleeping space, without taking up too much floor space. Some models of high sleepers like the Pino double, do not have built in storage under the bed, making them less imposing in smaller bedrooms. Others, like the Scallywag Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed with a double mattress and integrated desk, are 8cm smaller in size, and 4cm smaller overall than a convertible high sleeper. They offer a sleeker profile that is able to fit in smaller rooms without losing quality or stability.

Teenagers can also benefit from high sleepers that come with desks. Julian Bowen Pegasus is a great example. It comes with a pull-out wardrobe with drawers, as well as a desk, with upper shelves that can be used to store toys and clothing. The upper sleeping platform is large enough to accommodate a television, which means your children can enjoy their favourite movies and games before they go to sleep.

Certain models also have a futon style sofa on the bottom, which can be an ideal addition to any living space. The Icarus XL Gaming High-Sleeper bunk bed is perfect for children as it has a gaming desk that features an alcove edge and can accommodate one monitor that is up to 32″. A slanted ladder will take you up to the top, where they can snuggle down for the perfect night’s sleep. White-colored, this scandi-style loft bed is sure to match any decor you have in your kids’ bedroom. Add an X Rocker Gaming Chair for the ultimate setup.


A high sleeper with desk is an excellent option for a bedroom for children. It lets a child have a desk as well as a bed in the same space, which is great for small single high sleeper rooms or places that are limited in space.

A majority of our high sleeper beds with desks come with plenty of storage options as well. Under bed drawers, cube units and shelves are great for storing clothes, books and toys. This will help your child’s bedroom feel less cluttered, and aid in helping him or her to be more organized.

Some beds with desks also have an area for study that can be pulled out. This is a good idea for kids of all ages, as they can use the area for their homework, make crafts, etc. When not in use a pull-out desk can be placed under the bed. This saves more space.

The twin loft bed SMASTAD with bookcase, wardrobe and desk is an excellent choice for any child or teenager’s room. It’s a sleeping and storage solution that has everything a teenager or child needs to be comfortable, organised and happy in their room. Its clean lines and classic colour scheme will fit with any decor, and it’s easy to swap the bedding to match your child’s new style as they grow up.

You can also opt for a simple loft bed with no storage built-in. This kind of design is equally suitable for smaller or larger bedrooms and still provides enough space for homework, to chill out, or to play. Certain designs, like the Battle Bunk X Rocker Gaming High Sleeper is designed specifically for gamers and gamers, with the high loft bed sleeper platform and gaming desk that can accommodate multiple monitor configurations.

A lot of our beds with desks that are higher can be converted to bunk beds at a later time. This is ideal for families or friends sharing the bedroom of their child. This lets you keep the same bed as your child grows older and avoid the need to purchase an entirely new bed.


A high-sleeper that has a desk is an excellent alternative to expensive beds for children that are freestanding and can help you save money. Typically, they offer lots of storage space, which can help in reducing the mess in your child’s room. This can encourage your children to tidy up after themselves and enhance their organization skills.

A high-sleeper with a desk can be an ideal way to create a study and relaxation zone beneath the bed. You can also include a chair for sleepovers. A lot of models also come with desks that are perfect for studying or playing computer games and there are a variety of designs that feature shelving above the desk to store books, toys and other possessions.

The Anderson Desk High Sleeper by Noa and Nani is a popular choice among parents and children because of its gorgeous silk gray finish and robust construction. It can be used as a bunk or single bed, and the built-in desk has been designed to accommodate laptops or PC monitor. It was also praised for its simple to build and its solid wood solid slat base.

Another option that is highly rated is the Tom Junior Highsleeper with Wardrobe and Desk. This high sleeper bunk bed-quality, low-level sleeper is suitable for children aged 6+. It is ideal for bedrooms with smaller spaces. It comes with a spacious desk space under the bed and a wardrobe with hanging rail and shelves to maximize storage space.

For teens or older children, there is the Stompa UnoS 21 Highsleeper with Desk and Sofa Bed. This popular Scandinavian pine bed makes the most of the space beneath your bed, with a spacious fixed desk as well as a comfortable pull-out sofa chair for sleepovers. It also has a ladder storage box that can be used to neatly keep bedding, games and other items.

The X Rocker Gaming high bunk beds Sleeper is a great choice for kids since it can be used as an individual bed or as bunk beds and has plenty of storage. The built-in gaming desk has been designed to support multiple monitors, which means your children can play together on their favourite console. It’s a great value and comes highly recommended by parents and kids alike.

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