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How to Choose the Right Height for an on the wall mounted electric fireplaces Fireplace

A fireplace that is mounted on the wall can be a stunning focal point in any living room. If it is placed over the couch or in the sitting area it will create a cozy atmosphere for your family and guests.

Some models can be partially built into the wall for a built-in appearance. However, this will require some extra work and could require DIYers to leave their comfort zone.


Choosing the right height for a wall fireplace is among the most important decisions that must be made when installing a new media wall. The fireplace should be low enough to allow it to be easily viewed from all seating positions. However, it should be high enough to ensure that it can provide sufficient warmth for a home that is comfortable.

When deciding on the height of wall-mounted fires it is essential to think about the amount of heat it generates and how close to the floor it will be, and what else may be mounted above it. If a gas or electric fireplace is too low, the heat it emits will be dissipated quickly and combustible objects are able to easily ignite. This can cause a fire in the house and also reduce the performance of the fireplace.

To avoid this, choose a fireplace with a low opening for the fireplace or a chimney venting system that is high. This will ensure that the heat is efficiently and Fireplace Tools Set safely dissipated.

A second factor to consider is how the room will be used. If the room will be used primarily for relaxing, socialising and watching television, a higher fireplace is a great choice. If it will be used to heat your home, a lower fireplace is better.

The majority of people prefer to place their fireplaces at eye level when they are sitting in the chair, which is about 40-42 inches off the floor. Some people place their fireplace under a television as well, and this could work, if the TV does not get too close to it or Fireplace Tools Set feel the heat.

Depending on the type of fireplace, it can be helpful to consider what kind of storage might be required above the fire. If you have an electric fireplace, it may be beneficial to put an endboard or credenza above the fire to keep the surface clear. This can create an airy, modern look. It also makes the fireplace seem larger.


A wall-mounted fireplace can be an excellent option for a media wall. It’s perfect for homeowners who prefer an elegant design that is more in keeping with the structure of the wall and it’s also easier to set up than a built-in fireplace.

To begin, pick the best location for your fireplace that has plenty of space to move around it and make sure it’s free of any combustible items. Then, take a measurement of the length of your wall and ensure that it’s wide enough to accommodate an existing fireplace that’s at least 40-42″ in height. Installing your fireplace can be an overwhelming task. It is best to have someone help you.

Depending on the model of fireplace you pick It may have to be attached directly to the wall or attached to a bracket that is mounted on the wall. The owner’s manual will provide instructions on how to install direct-to-wall models. If you’re installing a bracket mounted unit you’ll need to attach the bracket using toggle bolt anchors and screws. Use a stud-finder to locate the screw locations.

Once the bracket is installed and the fireplace is attached, use the tabs on the bottom of your fireplace and the hooks at the top of the bracket. Some models come with an opening for the front glass that needs to be removed prior installation, so make sure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

If you’re installing a built-in wall electric fireplace electric fireplace, you’ll need to install the frame of the firebox in the appropriate space on your wall prior to when it is fixed to the bracket. After that you can drill holes for the mounting bracket, or sand any rough areas of the wall.

After drilling the holes, screw into the mounting bracket. Some models of wall-mounted fireplaces also have slots or hooks on the back which means you can put the hooks on the back of the fireplace into slots on the bracket for mounting.


The good news is that both electric and ethanol wall fireplaces are safe when the proper safety measures are in wall electric fireplace place. Regular inspections are required to ensure that the fireplace is in good working order and shows no signs of wear. Keep the fireplace clear of any flammable materials like carpets, furniture or even paper. Keep children away from the fire and ensure that they are aware of the dangers. Make sure you shut off the fireplace when you go to bed or leave the house.

When installing an on the wall fireplace, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This means paying attention to dimensions of the fireplace, the weight requirements and the heat clearance zones. If you are using TVs above the fireplace, it is recommended to make sure that the TV and fireplace are within the appropriate heat zones. The weight of the TV could exert pressure on the fireplace, which could cause it to collapse, potentially causing injury to the person who is in it as well as other family members.

You should also be aware of the fact that ethanol fireplaces and electric wall fireplaces are capable of producing large amounts of heat which could cause burns if you come close enough. You should consider installing a screen that is safe to touch to your fireplace if you have children who are small. This will help protect your children from being burned. This screen will remain at a lower temperature when the fireplace is on and will not burn anyone who touches.

To stop sparks from accidentally igniting flammable objects, such as books and toys, keep them away from the Fireplace Tools Set (Www.Earth-Policy.Org). In addition, it is important to regularly clean your fireplace to remove any buildup of ash and soot. This will help to reduce the risk of fire hazards.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when installing an wall fireplace is failing to check that the fireplace is shut off before going to sleep or leave the house. This is a grave error which could cause electrical malfunctions or even fires.


A wall-mounted fireplace is one of the most sought-after features that can be built into a media wall. It is typically installed under the flat-screen TV and it is crucial that the fireplace satisfies certain requirements for installation. It is crucial to consider not only the size of the fireplace, but also the amount of heat it generates. A fireplace that is set on the wall will usually blow heat out of the vent at the front, while a fireplace that is surface mounted could be able to blow heat from the top or bottom. For a media wall it is common to mount a fireplace recessed at a height of 40-42 inches above the floor. This allows you to see it from a seated location.

While it is possible find wall-mounted electric fireplaces with a variety of designs It is usually recommended to match the style of the fireplace with the overall look of the room. This will ensure that the media wall is well-integrated and cohesive. There are a variety of companies that offer different models of electric wall-mounted fireplaces, including Amantii and Dimplex. Both brands are renowned for their high-quality products and quick response when customers provide feedback on ways to improve the products.

Another consideration for a media wall is whether the wall is intended to house a TV or other electronic devices. Some people choose to use the recessed fire place as an entertainment center while others want an amalgamation of a TV and wall-mounted fireplace. Picking a media wall that is able to accommodate both will be easier and more efficient.

The primary drawback of wall-mounted fireplaces is that it can feel more permanent than freestanding electric fireplaces with mantels. It is possible to move the appliance from one location to another, but this will require the mounting brackets to be put back in place. It is also difficult to mount a television or other equipment on the wall when the fireplace is in a wall stud.

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