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Ghost Immobiliser Install For Your Range Rover

The Autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser reviews is a Thatcham approved tracker and immobiliser installation for your vehicle. It stops theft by cloning modern keys at dealerships, service garages and body shops.

The system is integrated into the cars CAN data network, and is impervious to key cloning, hacking and signal jamming. It also has the valet mode which allows you to hand over your vehicle for maintenance without having to input the PIN code.

Easy to use

Ghost is a simple and affordable solution for car theft prevention. It connects to your vehicle’s CAN data network and communicating with the ECU, making it virtually impossible for thieves to start your vehicle. You can also install a steering lock or a gear box lock to make it even more difficult for them to steal your vehicle. Ghost is easy to install and comes with a three-year warranty. It’s also light and waterproof making it more durable than other immobilisers.

The Ghost CAN bus immobiliser is the most advanced security technology available. It uses the onboard CAN network to communicate with the ECU and disables it until you enter a PIN. It is also easy to install, and does not require any additional wiring. It’s TASSA certified and can be installed by an authorized technician. The Ghost system also comes with an option called ‘Service mode’ that allows your car to be driven temporarily by a third party. This feature is beneficial for valet parking and when your car is in a shop for a repair.

It also stops hacking and key cloning, which can give thieves the location of your car. It does not have any LED indicators, so it’s undetectable to car thieves. It also doesn’t utilize radio frequency signals, so thieves aren’t able to use codes-grabbing devices or RF scanners. The Ghost immobiliser lets you create a unique, customizable disarm sequence by pressing the buttons on your steering wheels or door panels, or the centre console. You can create the disarm sequence up to 20 presses long and you can alter it at any time.

Apart from its ability to stop key swapping and ECU hacking Ghost’s CAN bus-immobiliser can also stop OBD port hacking. Many thieves today can gain access to vehicles by using the OBD port to connect up a laptop, then deactivate the alarm, make new keys and drive the car away. It takes just a few minutes to accomplish this, which is why Ghost is a great choice for preventing these types of thefts.

Ghost immobilisers are suitable for vans as well as other commercial vehicles. It is also a great option to protect caravans. It’s a small weatherproof device that can be concealed within the trunk of your vehicle and won’t interfere with the engine. Its simple installation and user-friendly design makes it a popular option for vehicle owners looking to safeguard their investment.

Easy to install

With more emphasis placed on automobile care in the modern age Many people are willing to go the extra step and invest in a ghost immobiliser tracker immobiliser to secure their prized possessions. These devices are intended to prevent theft and are often TASSA-verified to ensure insurance companies have confidence they function as advertised. The device is a small box that plugs into the vehicle’s CAN network, is completely silent and cannot be detected by diagnostic tools. The box can be concealed anywhere within the vehicle and is secure against tampering.

It is able to be used in a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorhomes as well as vans and bikes. The device can be put in even in electric vehicles so that they don’t start if stolen. The system can be connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth and alert the user if anyone is trying to steal or take away the vehicle. It can also provide a live GPS tracking of a vehicle to assist police locate it if it is stolen.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a very effective way to protect your vehicle from theft. It is able to trick vehicle systems to believe that there is a key. This will prevent the vehicle from being started until the correct PIN code has been entered. Signal boosters such as Faraday bags and metal tins are not able to defeat it.

Holbon UK Ltd is a TASSA certified installer of the Autowatch Ghost in the Midlands and across Europe. This means you can be assured that the installation will be of the highest quality and may reduce the cost of insurance. Our technicians are trained to install your device swiftly, so you can get back on the road in no time.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser how much is a ghost immobiliser a 21st century stealth immobiliser, which operates independently from a factory installed alarm or tracker. It utilizes buttons in the steering wheel, door cards and the center console to let you make a changeable, unique PIN code sequence that has to be entered before the vehicle can start. This will shield your car from key cloning, hacking and keyless entry. The device will also alert you to any vibrations that occur on or near your vehicle and contact with the vehicle and even if it is being moved.

Easy to deactivate

Immobilisers are essential for every Range Rover. They protect against all popular theft methods. This device will prevent your car from starting without a unique PIN or app authorisation. It is completely hidden inside the vehicle’s original wiring harness, which makes it undetectable for thieves and virtually impossible to cut off.

With this system, you’ll be able to use the buttons that are already on the dashboard and steering wheel to enter a unique pin code up to 20 digits long that only you know. You can change this PIN whenever you like and a secure emergency code is supplied in the event that you forget your password. The device does not make any noise, has no LED indicators and does not utilize radio frequencies or key fobs. This means that it is silently connected to the onboard CAN data network of your vehicle.

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser fitter will also prevent your vehicle from being taken through modern methods for cloning keys. This method involves criminals amplifying the signal of your keys in order to start your vehicle even if it’s blocked by an aftermarket ignition immobiliser. This is a major vehicle issue because it means that aftermarket immobilisers aren’t as effective as they could be.

Autowatch Ghost is a different product. It’s the most sophisticated vehicle immobiliser available in the UK, and it is effective against modern theft methods which employ relay attacks. It is a small and discreet device that cannot be detected by thieves or armed. It can only be activated with a PIN or App.

It also comes with an “service mode” that is helpful when your vehicle is being stored in garages and you need to start it temporarily. It will then exit service mode based on the speed, time or proper pin code.

Another benefit of the Autowatch ghost immobiliser tracker is that it will not be affected by satellite navigation hacking or other RF jammers. It’s installed by an TASSA certified, DBS security checked and certified technician So you can be confident that it’s been installed correctly. The process of installation is simple and quick and you can be driving your Range Rover in no time.

Easy to track

The Ghost is the next generation of stealth immobilisers, which connects directly to the vehicle’s CAN data network, without the need for additional fobs and without cutting wires. It is unnoticeable to thieves, does not emit signals with a radio frequency or LEDs and operates quietly inside the vehicle. It can be configured to use any PIN you wish, and includes an emergency code that is secure in the event an incident of theft or system malfunction. It can also be used with a car tracker to help locate your car in the event of a burglary or even if it has been stolen and then relocated to a different location.

Anyone who owns a keyless entry vehicle is required to install this system. Insurance companies are increasingly demanding the installation of this device on new vehicles. It can also lower the cost of insurance. It stops a vehicle that has been stolen from being driven away and communicates with the engine control unit (ECU) in a way that is hard for thieves to understand.

It prevents the use technology to boost signal strength that allows criminals to intercept your remote key’s signal. It also prevents thieves from bypassing the ECU by reprogramming it with an entirely new key or by replacing the ECU. The ghost is designed to be undetectable by standard thieves diagnostic tools. It emits no noise or radio frequency. It also does not emit any an LED signal.

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged If your vehicle is stolen or damaged, the Ghost will send an email notification to you when the device is connected to a smartphone or tablet. It will also send an alert if the device has been disconnected from Bluetooth in the vehicle. This will allow you to call the police immediately and increase your chances of recovering. It can be configured to work with other security devices like an alarm for cars, GPS tracking and the International Security Register.

The Ghost can be installed in a variety of vehicle models that include Audi, BMW Ford and VW. The installation does not void the manufacturer’s warranty and it is fully removable if you decide to sell or trade in the car in the future.

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